At Continental Rail our job is more than just moving freight cars on the railroads. We aim to be a vital member of the communities that we serve. As a short line railroad operator we operate in areas where family, community and hard work are more than just talking points. We value those connections and relationships. At Continental Rail we want our employees to be actively involved with programs ranging from safety education to a variety of volunteer and service projects to ensure we are actively engaged in the area where our employees live and work.

Continental Rail has a variety of community safety programs to bring safety initiatives to the people and communities we serve. Our safety campaigns are aimed at specific audiences and specific areas along the rails such as schools and community centers directly affected by our operations. We work to educate and create awareness of grade-crossing safety, pedestrian safety and the importance of staying away from railroad property. We are proud to partner with Operation Lifesaver (Website) to assist in spreading the message of SAFETY. Remember – Safety First- We want everyone to go home safe and healthy at the end of the day.

Continental Rail has a commitment to the safety and security of our railroads in the communities where we operate. We have established several partnerships in these communities to provide state police and first responder official’s information they can use to protect our communities. These partnerships provide information, resources and strategies to help better protect the communities in which we operate and protect the cargo we move day in and day out.

Public projects such as highways and utilities often intersect with Continental Rail Property. If you have a construction project that involves railroad property please contact Omega Rail Management They are a valuable resource for information on safely implementing projects from highway-rail grade crossings information regarding utility permitting, accessing Continental Rail property for any purpose.

Continental Rail is constantly working to improve fuel efficiency and cut greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to a variety of efforts, like increasing the average weight of trains, investing in greener locomotives and training engineers how to maximize fuel efficiency, freight rail accounts for only two percent of all transportation emissions. America’s railroads account for 40 percent of intercity freight volume, more than any other mode of transportation, so rail’s fuel efficiency is a major bonus for the economy and the environment. Continental Rail is committed to making all of properties as clean and sensitive to the environment as possible. We are proud to partner with both Crouch Engineering and Bayer Crop Science to help us achieve our green goals.

All questions regarding property rights and issues can be answered by our partners at Omega Rail Management.